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Design For Nendoroid Snow Miku (Yuki Miku) 2012 Confirmed !!

The winning design as you can see above,  won with 45.8% vote.

Hoping to pre-order it soon. This nendoroid is a “limited” item for sure.


Nendoroid Designs for Snow Miku (Yuki Miku) 2012 is out!

The 2012 Nendoroid Snow Miku design will be one of the above.

You can find out more about the illustrators of the above designs at the link below:


Personally i like the 4th, and for the 2nd best is the 1st~

Info from GSC-Mikatan

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Support Vers.

After the huge earthquake that hit Eastern Japan earlier this month lots of people are living in very unfortunate circumstances in the East of Japan. Good Smile is trying to help in any way it possibly can.

What makes it different with the original Hatsune Miku Nendoroid? The additional face, pompoms as extra accessory and also a support flag shaped in a musical note.

All sales of Nendoroid Miku Hatsune: Support Ver. will support the relief efforts in Eastern Japan.
Each sale will contribute 1000 yen to the Japan Red Cross. Overseas sales will be available!

Orders will be taken at the GSC Online Shop from the 8th April.

The figures will be made-to-order, so be sure to order if you wish to show your support. Further details about payment methods and shipping will be put up on the Good Smile Online shop in the near future.

Good Smile Online Shop:


If you are ordering from overseas, please note the following:

  • Orders start on the 8th April. More details will be revealed later.
  • Delivery will be in mid-July.

Info from GSC-Mikatan or you can check the other info from here.

Kuroneko Figma

The goth-loli girl from Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, well-known as Kuroneko (Gokou Ruri)

Although i already said before that i won’t buy her… My heart is telling me to buy…!! T__T

I don’t seem to like her face in this figma. I do like the chair and the tea cup.

Kuroneko is telling you to watch Maschera~

Practicing Caramel Dansen ??

O yea, forgot to mention the nekomimi part and also a cute bag~

Price : 3200 yen (including tax)

Release Date : July 2011

Pre-Order from AmiAmi