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More 3D Hologram Miku

A project called FVP (Future Vision Projector) that’s being handled by Polyphonicskies has successfully make a 3D Holographic Hatsune Miku with height about 1M tall. As you already saw on Hatsune Miku’s concert, this one will probably works the same like that and you can view this on your own home. Got you Interested?

As you can see in those pictures above, at least 23 visual projector, a big glass screen and a lot of cables are needed to do this, because it’s still under development. The amount of the requirement might be decreased, soon in the near future.

Here’s the video :

Related topic : Hologram for Hatsune Miku.

There’s also more, you can also have the mini-size of your dancing Miku like in this video below.
If you do want to know how to do it, please ask him how. :)


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