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Vocaloid 3 : Korean Vocaloid – SeeU

SeeU, the new Vocaloid for Vocaloid 3, designed as a blonde cat-girl with blue-eyes.
Note : her cat-ears is actually a speaker.

She’s the first Vocaloid capable of Korean and the first “Korean/Japanese bilingual” Vocaloid. The voice provider is Kim Tahi (17 year old member of the K-pop girl band “Glam”). You may want to check more about SeeU on SeeU’s official site. She will be released on the 21st of October.

As the first Korean Vocaloid, there have been reports that there is still room for improvements and she lacks clarity in her first demo song “RUN!”. However, this is expectant of any new Vocaloid and the early English and Japanese Vocaloid voicebanks were far from perfect with progress made over the course of their existence. She is however smooth sounding.

Check her demo song : SeeU- Run