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More 3D Hologram Miku

A project called FVP (Future Vision Projector) that’s being handled by Polyphonicskies has successfully make a 3D Holographic Hatsune Miku with height about 1M tall. As you already saw on Hatsune Miku’s concert, this one will probably works the same like that and you can view this on your own home. Got you Interested?

As you can see in those pictures above, at least 23 visual projector, a big glass screen and a lot of cables are needed to do this, because it’s still under development. The amount of the requirement might be decreased, soon in the near future.

Here’s the video :

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There’s also more, you can also have the mini-size of your dancing Miku like in this video below.
If you do want to know how to do it, please ask him how. :)


Vocaloid 3 – IA

IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES- (pronounced yi-ah) is a VOCALOID3 library based on Lia’s voice and produced by 1st PLACE, Inc. This library will go on sale on January 27 with a price of 12800 JPY for the standalone and 19800 JPY for the bundle version.

Designed by Akasaka Aka.

You can hear the demo song at the official site or just play this instead :

Vocaloid 3 – CUL

CUL (pronounced more like “cull” than “cool”) is a project by the VocaloRevolution Production Committee with production and sales by INTERNET Co., Ltd. This VOCALOID3 library is voiced by singer and voice actress Eri Kitamura and will be released on December 22 as well in both standalone (11340 JPY) and bundle (17640 JPY) versions.

Demo :

Vocaloid 3 – Yuzuki Yukari

Yuzuki Yukari is a project by VOCALOMAKETS (a group of VOCALOID producers who teamed together to create their own VOCALOID) with production and sales handled by AH-Software. Her tagline is “She unites you all with her voice,” and she will be released as a standalone release for 11800 JPY on December 22.

Designed by Ayakura Juu.

Demo :

Vocaloid 3 – Tone Rion

TONE RION is a VOCALOID3 library envisioned by Dear Stage (an entertainment bar in Akihabara well-known for their performing idols who also cook for you) with production and sales by YAMAHA. She will be released on December 16 in both standalone (9800 JPY) and VOCALOID3 Editor bundle (17800 JPY) formats.

Age : 16
Gender : Female
Illustrator : Akio Watanabe
Developer : MoeJapan

Demo :

Vocaloid 3 : Korean Vocaloid – SeeU

SeeU, the new Vocaloid for Vocaloid 3, designed as a blonde cat-girl with blue-eyes.
Note : her cat-ears is actually a speaker.

She’s the first Vocaloid capable of Korean and the first “Korean/Japanese bilingual” Vocaloid. The voice provider is Kim Tahi (17 year old member of the K-pop girl band “Glam”). You may want to check more about SeeU on SeeU’s official site. She will be released on the 21st of October.

As the first Korean Vocaloid, there have been reports that there is still room for improvements and she lacks clarity in her first demo song “RUN!”. However, this is expectant of any new Vocaloid and the early English and Japanese Vocaloid voicebanks were far from perfect with progress made over the course of their existence. She is however smooth sounding.

Check her demo song : SeeU- Run

Design For Nendoroid Snow Miku (Yuki Miku) 2012 Confirmed !!

The winning design as you can see above,  won with 45.8% vote.

Hoping to pre-order it soon. This nendoroid is a “limited” item for sure.